Mixing and Connecting Metals the Safe Way

The use of cold connections is a jewelry making technique that is just that; connecting rings, washers, disks, and other metal shapes without the use of a torch or kiln. The most commonly used connectors are rivets, screws, tacks, wire, eyelets, or nails, which can be used to layer and connect various shapes and types of metal.  The greatest fun with cold connections is using a hammer or other found objects to add textures and designs to the randomly shaped pieces of copper, brass or sterling before punching, drilling and connecting them with screws, wire, etc.    Cold connections are at their best when they contain a variety of connectors, metals, and textures.   I love the natural feel of the metals and the eclectic looks that morph from scrap pieces into beautiful works of art.

Interested in learning more about cold connections?  Check out Kim St. Jean’s new book, Mixed Metal Mania.

Copper, Brass, Silver and All That