“Mocha Latte”

Nothing is a better match for February than the rhodochrostite gemstone family. The name rhodochrosite derives from the Greek words rhodos, meaning rose and khros meaning color. This is the distinctive color of most rhodochrosite specimens although some may appear brown or light gray. The pendant in this piece is mostly brown and has lovely bands alternating between dark and light brown colored bands. The pendant is set off with brown lava rounds and mocho Swarovski crystals. I can’t help but think “mocha latte” when I see this piece.
Rhodocrosite is a beautiful stone often referred to as the “stone of love and balance.” Brown rhodochrosite has the same energies and is especially good to use for calming excessive passions and bringing absolute, intense and less “fanatical” love into the wearer’s life – attracting a soul mate which is not necessarily a soul mate that is full of passions and happiness, but rather a soul mate that is what the individual “needs.” Often our soul mates are not what we would expect to bring the most joyful relationships that we would like, but they are necessary for emotional growth and well-being.