The story behind the beginning

Brenda Branson, a jewelry designer from South Carolina, grew up among the cotton fields and tobacco farms. Both parents were artistic in a survivalist sort of way. Her mother was an expert seamstress, well-know in her hometown for making custom clothing such as wedding dresses, mens suits, or jeans, with or without a pattern. Her father was quite a carpenter and built their home along with many pieces of the furniture in her home. Her brother and sister were quick to discover their inherited talents and skills, but Brenda found her creative gene only seven years ago when she began making and selling various styles of beaded jewelry.

Her art jewelry experience began as an stirring diversion to explore various jewelry techniques such as silver-smithing, kumihimo weaving, fold forming, cold connections, etc., which have since found themselves meshed together in eclectic, harmonious designs. Each piece that she creates, incorporates natural materials, lots of texture, patterns and shapes, authentic components from India and Africa, which under her crafty hand, result in unique, eye-catching jewelry that screams to be noticed. Stones used in her jewelry are natural gemstones which may rough cut or tumbled and faceted to reveal their superior brilliance. Other materials include brass, copper and sterling silver, which are sometimes specially treated with heat or patinas to bring out unusual coloring.

Her jewelry sells itself, but her best advertisements are her customers. Each piece of jewelry is designed and hand-made to ensure perfection in construction and complete satisfaction of the customer. Her jewelry is affordable, unique, and fun. Each piece is different from anything you’ll find in stores or locally.

Her jewelry is available through direct contact, jewelry trunk shows and the following gift shops:

The Gift Gallery
205 Queen St
Tappahannock, VA 22560
(804) 443-0404‎

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