Tucson Bead Show, Feb. 2-7, 2015

The grandest bead show ever!  And I’ve been asked to teach classes!  So looking forward to going out to Tucson next February. If you’re into beads and jewelry, you might want to make this road trip.  There are so many opportunities to take classes, shop for all sorts of beads and pearls and crystals and silver and gold and anything bling.  I’ll be teaching a few classes for Carrie Story at the Tucson Bead Show and teaching a couple of classes for Jewelry Tools, JOGS classes.   You can see the JOGS classes here…and the Tuscon Bead Show classes are here, listed at Carrie’s site, Divine Ornaments.

What I’ll be teaching…. Bronze shawl pins, heart charm bracelets, and bronze journals along with a beginners metal clay class and a couple Prometheus Clay Boot Camps.  Check out the links above to register and for more information.

imageimage image

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