Deviled eggs?

While relaxing by the beach during our spring break, I’ve started to develop some of my ideas/designs that I’ve been planning for the Masters Registry project.  Even with my notebook full of plans, details all drawn out, I’m reminded of the snags and uh ohs you run into when you actually start a project. When details really matters, I prefer to start with a mockup version.  My first project is very time consuming but will be quite lovely if all goes well.  The mock up project will be in copper and the final project in fine silver.  Maybe, depends on how this turns out, copper can be gorgeous.  The project is a necklace made with graduated hollow beads, A7.  My first snag was not being prepared, I am not at home, with proper oval shapes for drying the beads.  I’ve picked up a deviled egg dish, it is Easter and they are everywhere.  This worked fine for the super large beads.  I tried  a grapefruit spoon, a teaspoon, and a soup spoon.  I have confidence they will turn out fine.  Today was roll and shape, tomorrow, form, file and carve and then pack away until I get home for firing.  In between, I’m trying out an idea for a sleeve container pendant,  A5.  Love being at the beach!image

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