Creative Spaces



Because my upstairs work space was totally covered with the last project, I had to move to another table to set-up some pieces for a demo I was doing last week-end.

Arghhhh!  Now, look at this!  I’ve continued to work downstairs and things are looking pretty “creatively” messy.  I find it difficult to juggle different techniques on one work table.  I’m working with silver clay one minute, bronze clay the next hour, then it’s on to hammering out that wire necklace or a little alcohol inks on my brass cuff,  soldering that bezel, or maybe the freeform seed bead project, or, or, or…  I work on the projects my muse guides me to and that looks like chaos to others.  I really thrive with the variety, and I know where everything is, we’ll most of the time.  It seems when I  stop to clean and organize, I lose things!

“If a cluttered desk is a sign of a cluttered mind, the what is an empty desk a sign of?”  Albert Einstein

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