Retreat, Within

My next step, after watching a metal clay piece disintegrate , will be to jump back in, digging in my heels, and master this thing.  Ironically, “master” has been the big word lately in most of my metal clay conversations.  So, Master is just exactly what I intend to do because I will be registering to complete the Masters Registry program, Level 1, check it out here.  In this program, you must make ten projects according to specified criteria to receive the Level 1 Certification.  I am not trying to prove any level of competency but to engage in a meaningful experience and learn as much as I can about metal clay.  And I certainly do not feel I am anywhere near as proficient as some others starting this same journey.  For me this trip is about learning.  It will involve lots of experimentation, lots of online tutorials, lots of classes with accomplished mc artists, and lots of focus.  This means my sales end will be minimized and my energies directed at “mastering” the art of metal clay.  Right now I’m collecting inspiration pieces, connecting with others involved in the Masters Registry program, and picking my projects. Once I get a good grip on the projects I plan to do, I will send in my money to register and be on my way.  The journey has officially begun, it may be a roller coaster ride or a smooth ride,  but for sure it is the right direction for me.  Now, on to narrow down my projects.

3 thoughts on “Retreat, Within

    • bb says:

      Thanks Carrie! You’ve given me so much encouragement. The best thing about this program is that you have options to learn from many and develop a broader base of styles and techniques.

  1. I know how it feels when something you have worked on for so bloody long disintegrates. Just stuffed up a PMC3 heart box I have worked on for ages, and it contained at least 20 grams (I never get the same quality clay when I reconstitute….). Love from Jenny

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