Week-end Clay Warrior

Finally finished forming, firing, and cleaning several pieces that I made with bronze clay.  Still trying to decide which bronze clay I prefer.  Hadar’s Quick Fire Bronze just feels good; easy to shape, carve, and form in the wet or dry state.  Firing… I haven’t mastered that yet and this piece I’m dreading to fire…so afraid I’ll miss on the right temp.  My Speedfire Mini Electric kiln is hard to regulate….


The other FastFire Bronzclay, dries quicker, a little less easy to work with before firing, but fires easily in the Speedfire Mini.   When I get time, I’m doing another test fire with the Hadar’s clay and firing away on the ring!  If it doesn’t sinter or overfires, well, it is easy to make with Hadar’s clay and I’ll just make it again.  These are the results of the “clay play” for this week-end.

image                                                      image       dbcd46a2-bf33-4294-9def-2d65815f378b_zps7afc3941                    image

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