More, more, metal clay!

Saturday was great!  I spent the day with Carrie Story at Ain’t Miss Bead Haven in Mooresville, learning everything scientific and mathematical about metal clay. I also got to visit with Laura and Kim…my beading buddies from Charlotte.  Of course, Laura has opened this fabulous store and I highly recommend you check it out.  Kim is there, also, teaching classes.  What a great place to be!

After five months experimenting with metal clays including silver, copper, and bronze, I discovered so many things that I did wrong and so many that I did right.  My greatest discoveries were baby wipes, how to use my slats with texture plates, and to never, ever throw away straws!  Now, it’s time to practice, practice, practice certain techniques such as pinch bails and stone setting… looking forward to new projects with metal clay.

This is my first “bail” project which was totally off center.  I decided to add on the grapes and vine to balance but it just isn’t where I want it yet.  Lot’s to learn on the finishing, as well.








Here are my other class projects … thanks Carrie!

12206b5a-9011-4570-83be-f0484405195c_zps03b24d7c Fine Silver - pendant

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