Designing a piece of jewelry often begins without a plan.  Other pieces of jewelry often inspire me, special clothes may call out a certain design, but my strongest inspiration comes from the beautiful colors, shapes and sizes of unusual gemstones.  The final piece  often ends with a combination of an eclectic selection of components such as yarns, metals, chains, polymer clay and usually, hand formed brass, sterling or copper pieces.  Sometimes, it takes several weeks before an idea develops into an artistic piece.  Sometimes, it happens quickly.

I find it fascinating to discover more about the areas in which these stones are mined and what metaphysical properties they offer.  I love becoming immersed in the bright colored fabrics, stones, and jewelry in India; the organic look of stones, bone, seeds and metals from Peru; and the culturally rich, African trade beads.

Even with exposure to all these beautiful beads, the creativity comes when it comes.  You can’t dial it up, schedule it, and force it.  The inspiration helps, but the design clicks when it’s ready.  I would so love to go up to my studio and finish a piece on a schedule.  No! No, I wouldn’t!  That takes away the artistic element, which is what I love most about designing jewelry.

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