Getting Etsy Ready

Wondering what all the hype is about Etsy!  A few years ago I had some things listed but never had any luck – just had to keep paying to keep them listed.  I have to admit that I didn’t “work” at my Etsy sales and have since learned there is quite a support system out there, with real live people who have been very successful.  I’m giving it another try … getting my photos ready, the physical descriptions, material lists, etc. and feeling like I don’t want them to sell so quickly because it takes so much time to post just one item.  Everything I make is one of a kind, so it’s back to the drawing board if something sells.  At least, “back to the drawing board” will be more of an incentive to work if something does sell, I suppose!  My big question is “do I want to sell, or do I want to create?”  I really just like design and production, but I have to support my habit, so here I go again, dear Etsy.

One thought on “Getting Etsy Ready

  1. KJ says:

    Best of luck to you. Selling just isn’t… something, fun, fulfilling,… something. It is, however, one way to express your love for what has been created. I have thought about Etsy and like models but I think if I am going to ever be successful at selling it is going to be in person.

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