Beading Fever – Finally!

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I’ve moved to a new house many times in my life, but this is, hopefully, the last move I’ll ever have to make.  Along with the move, came a new job, which has been my focus for the past months! So with the move and the new job, my jewelry business has been out of commission for at least three months.  That’s serious!   I’m entering month two of my new job, which I love by the way, and have developed a bad case of “beading fever.”   You can start looking for new pieces to appear!  The great thing about the move – I have great working space and great light for photographing pieces.

Another distraction and lull that affected my designing, was learning techniques for integrating hand formed silver and copper components into my line of jewelry designs.  I pretty much, took a few months off to take classes, experiment, and practice making my own bezels, clasps, ear ring findings, head pins and other components.   After several classes with Dan Haga and with the support and encouragement of beading friend, Karen Landis, I’m ready to put to practice these new techniques.  I’m excited to add new dimensions to my designs and can’t wait to really get geared up and beading again!

3 thoughts on “Beading Fever – Finally!

    • Brenda says:

      Still not as productive as I’d like to be. My problem is having the right amount of time to get my “mojo” going … Have to be in a creative mood. I do try to commit to at least 3 hours on the bench each week. I might be cleaning, sketching, stringing or hammering, but I’m at least “working.”. I don’t count searching cyberspace though I do get lot’s of inspiration there – I also waste lots of time. So no, no great ideas except regimented schedules which stifles creativity. Oh, guess I could quit my other job!

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