Art Retreat In the Works

A couple of summers ago a few of my “artsy” friends and I went to Spruce Pines, NC for a four night “artist retreat.”  It was a glorious four days of creating, relaxing, regrouping, and experimenting.  Each of us claimed our own little  nook in the cabin to set up our tools and toys, which became our personal work station where we could create when the inspiration hit.  We all worked with polymer clay so we had the pasta machines, ovens, and buffers running constantly. When more meditative, we spent time observing others in the group, reading, hiking, riding horses, vegetating, eating and networking.  It was a wonderful experience for all of us.

Since this first “retreat” experience,  my art interests and connections have extended, including metalwork, beading, wire work, precious metal clay, cold-connections, and fiber arts.  This year, in planning a summer “art retreat,” I’m blessed to include so many new and old friends that are experts and share an interest in these various mediums.   I’m seeing this retreat as a meshing of mixed media skills and networking with other artists, a time to focus on whatever inspires us, an opportunity to learn and develop skills and mediums, or  an environment to just “be” and enjoy the mountain views while enveloped by the artistic energy among the group.

One thought on “Art Retreat In the Works

  1. Peggy Hamden Stewart says:

    I’m so sorry I missed you when you were in Cheraw last. I had wanted to come and had RSVP’d that I would be there. But as usual, something came up at the last minute. When will you be back in Cheraw. I am so impressed with your talent. I made stenciled floor cloths during Christmas and have really enjoyed getting back to that. I want to pick up Scherenschnitte again though. It’s been a long time since I’ve done either one. Also my loom still has a project in it that I started 10 yrs ago. I just hung it on the wall……loom and all.

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