Sapphire – September’s Birthstone

Sapphire is my birthstone, the birthstone for September, and the gemstone traditionally given for anniversaries of the 5th and 45th years of marriage. Sapphire comes from the Greek word for blue, “sapphirus.” It is one of the four most precious gemstones along with ruby, emerald, and diamond. Sapphires are available in a rainbow of colors, however the “cornflower” blue is the most desired.

Sapphires have been around since ancient times and carry with them, many metaphysical properties and powers. Historical findings state that it was once believe that the Ten Commandments were written on sapphire. Sapphires, often worn by kings, were believed to bestow upon the wearer, the power of wisdom. It was the gemstone of Apollo, the Greek God of prophesy. When approaching Apollo’s shrine in Delphi, seeking his wisdom, worshipers were said to wear sapphires.

Legends tell us that a poisonous snake put in a container made of sapphire would quickly die, thus the sapphires’ infamous reputation as a medicine to be ingested as an antidote for poison. Sapphires have also been used to help relieve colic, rheumatism and mental illness. The are believed to stop bleeding and cure disorders of the eye.

In ancient times, couples exchanged gifts of sapphires believing that sapphires represented sincerity and faithfulness. For this reason, they were a popular marriage gift.

Keep checking my blog for the “Sapphire” giveaway, later in the month.

One thought on “Sapphire – September’s Birthstone

  1. Cheryl A. says:

    Brenda, I have been looking at your jewelry and it is BEAUTIFUL! Oh, to have the eye and the talent!!!!! Take care and I will be watching your blog!!!!

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