Spring 2010 – What to look for!

This spring, jewelry is all about making a statement; a big, bold, savvy statement. You’ll still see the big, “statement” necklaces, not only with evening wear, but during the day, as well.  During the day, it’s best to keep your outfit simple so you can show off that big, gorgeous piece of jewelry.  Spring, 2010, is also a great time to add those big, bold, oversized earrings, which will really show off your chic, unique, style.  Not brave enough to go big, ease into the spring with large silver or gold hoops.

This year, I will be introducing a new style of jewelry, Farrago, which is Latin for “conglomeration.”  These custom designs are created from exotic woven fibers, metals, and beads. Each piece is created with eco-friendly fibers such as silk, corn, kelp, bamboo or milk, paired with Swarovski crystals, unusual gemstones, ethnic beads, and finished off with various metals such as natural copper, antiqued sterling, and bronze.  This necklace features a wooden button, embellished with gemstone cluster of strawberry quartz, peach aventurine, sterling and Kumihimo woven cords made from Kollage bamboo yarn and Trendsetter eyelash yarn.

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