‘Tis The Season

For centuries, people have worn jewelry as religious symbols, to help them feel closer to God and to reaffirm their faith. Although, different religions have their own ornamental symbols, Christians often wear small crosses as pendants. The Ancient Egyptians, often adorned a special talisman, the Ankh which is a loop above a cross, representing eternal life and happiness. The Hebrew Star of David, which is a six-sided star, is believed to bring good fortune and luck to all who wear it among the Jewish community. Buddhists wear pendants in the shape of Buddha. In today’s superstitious culture, religious symbols of all types, have merged into the fashion world.
My true passion is for the gemstones and in preparing for this Christmas season, I’ve found some favorite gemstones, that carry with them a history and lore bearing the same traditional ideals we associate with the holiday season.

Amethyst, a stone of spirituality, peace and contentment.
Moonstone, a stone of hopes and wishes.
Garnet, a stone of purity, truth, faithfulness and friendship
Lapis Lazuli is a stone of protection and enlightenment .
Blue Lace Agate evokes peace and gentleness and enhances spiritual inspiration.
Carnelian stimulates the energy of love and joy.

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