St. Hildegard’s Bloodstone Reigns

The most common birthstone for March is aquamarine – however, the traditional birthstone for March is Bloodstone which is unfamiliar to most. Bloodstone is a most interesting gemstone that dates back to ancient periods and renown for its red flecking which is the source for its many legends. Ancient Greeks and Romans often carried this stone into battles since local lore held that it provied its wearer with courage and protection in dangerous situations. Early Christians believed that the red spots in Bloodstone came from drops of Christ’s blood when he was crucified, which made this a favorite stone of the crusaders.

What we do know about the chemical properties of Bloodstone is that it is opaque green chalcedony with specks of Red Iron Oxide or Hematite. It is in the Quartz family and eludes the same luster and crystalline traits as quartz. It is sometimes referred to as Blood Jasper, though it is actually Chalcedony.

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