Fabioli in Pink

Fabioli In Pink

Faceted rose quartz alternates with faceted amethyst button beads in this elegant and charming springtime favorite. Rose quartz jewelry offers a light airy elegance, perfect for spring. You’ll be “in the pink” with this lovely spring necklace.

Rose quartz is found in Madagascar, India, Germany and several places in the USA, especially, South Dakota, where it is the state mineral. The striking pink/rose coloring of the quartz comes from the iron and titanium impurities yet when accompanied by the crystalline structure, has a totally gorgeous effect. There are several varieties of quartz and the most familiar include: amethyst, the purple gemstone; citrine, the yellow to orange gemstone which is rare in natural form but can be created by heating amethyst; and smoky quartz, which is the brown to gray quartz.

Rose quartz, the universal “love stone”, is a stone of compassion and warmth. It is said to open the heart to the beauty within and all around us. “As Amethyst is to the Spirit, so Rose Quartz is to the Heart.” People have used rose quartz to bring forgiveness to a relationship and to replace love that might be lost in life.

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