Ocean Jasper

My newest bead purchase was for two totally different ocean jasper pendants.  Ocean Jasper, a unique variety of jasper, distinguished by its orbicular, has characteristics of agates and formations of rhyolite. As most jaspers named for their patterns, ocean jasper is named “ocean” after it’s location along the sea edge in Madagacar where the deposits can be found.  Ocean jasper has interesting spheres, balls and waves  showing off a striking range of colors and color combinations on backgrounds that are green, pink, red, white or yellow.   Ocean jasper can only be mined at low tide, (night time) making it rare and even harder to obtain.  Thus some of the more striking jasper pieces are a bit more expensive.  The pieces pictured are more greenish gray and less orbital due to the “slab cut” but after a bit of research, I’m not really sure these are indeed “ocean jasper.”

Ocean jasper has a specific effect on the emotions and has a soothing and nurturing effect leaving the wearer with a feeling of calmness, much like the sea after a storm. What a beautiful stone – I’m partial to the pieces with more lines and white druzy.Ocean Jasper

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